Serving and supporting families in the education of their own children

Home Schooling NZ's goal is to encourage and assist New Zealand families in the education of their own children by offering them the best advice and support we can.


Education at its best


Staffed by experienced professionals

HSNZ is staffed by professionally-trained and qualified teachers with a wide breadth of teaching experience. Since 1984 we have provided quality, professional educational assistance and support to many thousands of parents and students throughout NZ and on the mission field around the world.


Offering nationally-recognised qualifications

HSNZ is able to offer students nationally-recognised qualifications tailored to meet each student’s individual needs, whether that is to access the workplace, or a tertiary training environment (polytechnic or university. These qualifications are individually crafted, based on diagnostic testing and student needs.


Genuinely individually-crafted study plans

The most important thing is your child… who are they, how are they “wired”, what do they require to get to where they need to go, and how can we help in that ​process?
As a charitable trust, our primary goal is to serve. Please feel free to ring, discuss things, and ask questions with no sense of obligation.

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Curriculum and Qualification Options

Perhaps one of the major distinctives of HSNZ is the flexibility we can offer families when it comes to choosing curriculum. At secondary level there are two key determining factors to consider when crafting a student’s particular academic pathway.

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Are you a busy parent?

When it's easier for you to teach, it's easier for them to learn. With Home Schooling NZ you are free to be a great parent and a successful educator too. Let us help you craft a successful, individualised programme for each of your children, leading to recognised qualifications​ at the highest levels, if that is what they need.

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Are you worried about the social aspect? Maybe you want to know where to start or how home education can help your children.